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The smooth and efficient running of an organization is largely dependent on detailed operating and accounting procedures. These provide a framework for easy communication of operational and accounting policies by management. The need for top management to personally vet transactions is therefore substantially reduced.

Also, the disruption to activities when experienced staff leaves the organization is minimized. Even where operating manuals are in use, there is a need to subject these to regular review so as to meet up with current trends in business operation. We develop documents and assist with the implementation of well structured, simple and flexible operating and accounting procedures, with effective and workable controls.

OAK Chartered Accountants believes that the real global competitive business advantage is the effectiveness and efficiency of the accounting and finance function s. It is the key to the reliable financial information and appropriate business management decisions. Thus, OAK Chartered Accountants offers a comprehensive finance and accounting services.

Our accounting services focus more on how you keep your financial records and books of accounts. From setting up an accounting system to performing a compilation of your financial records, we are ready to serve you. Let us help with your recordkeeping so you can concentrate on your products and customers. Our accounting services include:


We will maintain ledger accounts and record transactions from your checkbook, cash register, and other supporting documents.


Bank advice clearance

Client billings

Client settlement

Suspense clearance


Cash application and allocation

Cash and bank payment entries

Accounts payable reconciliation & Statutory dues


Based on attendance report, we will compute gross pay, calculate necessary tax withholdings, print payroll slip and summary, and prepare a complete payroll register.

Calculation of employer and employee tax

Preparation of payroll based on the time sheets , etc


Bank reconciliation

Third party settlement

Assets and Liabilities reconciliation

Fixed asset accounting

Branch accounting


We will prepare monthly financial statements to track your financial position, profits, an d cash flow.

Preparation of books of accounts

Monthly financial reports

Financial statement analysis

Statutory reporting