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The consulting are FRANTIVIC & ASSOCIATES is made up of individuals with complementary logistic industry experience needed to serve our clients.

Our experience span the full spectrum of business needs, which includes strategy development, information technology, process improvement, change management and outsourcing advice. Our system development consultants, who specialize in technological issues and ensure an effective delivery of business-oriented system solutions, further compliment this experience.

Expert advice by a team of specialists and multi-skilled consultants with a comprehensive knowledge of all related issues, such as benefit design, investment strategies, and comparison, advice on legal requirements among others, is our package for our various clients



  • Provision of strategic advice on best use of resources for identified projects.
  • Monitoring activities to ensure compliance with standards or laid down rules, thus ensuring that terms of reference are adhered to.
  • Execution, monitoring, and supervision of projects from commencement to completion.
  • Providing technical links of local investors with technical expertise, within and outside Nigeria.
  • Business Development Services.
  • Corporate management for optimum performance.
  • Corporate Capital Reconstruction.
  • Asset and portfolio management.
  • Due diligence on company’s operations.
  • System review and personnel audit.


    We provide services in:

    Strategy and business planning

    Cost/performance management

    System design and implementation

    Application software selection and implementation

    Business process improvement

    Economics and finance


    (Based on client-specific instruction)

    Our specific strategy in executing due diligence assignments is to commence by undertaking an initial internal and external risk assessment of the target company, in order to identify material issues and properly define our approach to such an assignment. This enables us to carry out our review efficiently and effectively, by focusing our resources on areas of significant risks and tailoring our approach to the specific circumstance of the company, thus obviating unnecessary waste of time and resources.

    Some of the works that would be performed on the financial and fiscal due diligences are as follows:

    • Review of all audited accounts of companies
    • Review of all Balance Sheet and Profit an d Loss accounts for reasonableness and compliance
    • Valuation of assets and liabilities.
    • Review of the year – end procedure for stock taking, cut – off, bank reconciliation and comparing figures with the figures included in the preceding year’s audited account.